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Anime Gay Kiss

Introduction(anime gay kiss)

This page is about anime gay kisses and contains the 15 coolest LGBT relationship animes. After reading this page you will know about anime gay-kiss.

15 coolest LGBT relationships in anime gay-kiss

If you are a fan of LGBT animation. You know that visibility matters. These couples were Romeo and Juliet or( Harley and Joker). Whom we had never had before.


If you’re an LGBT kid who grew up in anime. You’ve probably found a show or two featuring. Some really great characters in terms of sex and sexuality. Some of the anime couples who represent us were in different ways. They had the romance that we really wanted. To commemorate Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal’s go-ahead in season four. Let’s return to the sweet, creepy, and tragic LGBT couple from the anime’s past.

We often find that some of these couples are still in the ambiguous “non-canon” category. As the nature of their relationship was not revealed. By the writer or explicitly mentioned in the anime itself. I know. But you don’t have to say everything. Some of these entries are based on very clear body language. Actions and actions between characters.

Please note that there may be a few small spoilers around this list!


Haruka and Michiru-Sailor Moon

For American audiences.  Haruka Tenno (Sailor Uranus) and Michiru Kaioh (Sailor Neptune) were not the same. The official English dub of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon completely change. Their relationship and make them cousins.

However, the original Japanese series not only clarify. That the two were dating, but also often joked about it. In subtle lines throughout the series. Sailor Uranus is also known to hit the rabbit all the time.

They had the cutest teenage romance ever, banged their asses. They stayed true to each other until the end. Indeed, a very exciting gay couple.

There has also some debate over Sailor Uranus’ gender identity. As he describes her as being quite masculine throughout the series. Whether Sailor Uranus is a quiet masculine girl or a fluid character. Her “different” presence on the show has captivated many LGBT fans.

Ymir and Christa – Attack on Titan

anime gay kiss

Ymir and Christa are very interesting and dynamic. each with a very complex personality. According to this panel. They are also the LGBT couple from canon. If you are not fluent in German. In an interview advance, Tetsuro Araki confirmed. That “the characters of Christa and Ymir are certainly a couple.”

Ymir is incredibly protecting by Christa. So she’s ready to betray all of humanity to protect her. The cute and affectionate moments they have together are just a few. Along with the solid ideas for their story. But in between what makes this couple so cool is their personalities. How clear and complex. On the surface, Christa looks very sweet. But underneath is a young woman with a lonely, nihilistic, and dark personality. On the surface. Ymir seems agile, callous, and cruel but in reality. She is much more sensitive and emotional than she allows.

Korra and Asami-Legend of Korraanime gay kiss

Whether or not this American anime series is considered anime by definition is very controversial. But this association is too good to be excluded.

LGBT fans of the Legend of Korra have been collecting clues and chemistry. Between Korra and her best friend Asami throughout the series. Which ended in 2014. Their relationship was truly romantic. When the news came out, and the internet has lost her. This is the first time that a popular American animated TV show. In Nicorodeon has officially verified. Their same-sex relationship by portraying same-sex couples. Rather than avoiding bad news and leaving that to the imagination of fans. made.

Korra and Asami have had the worst relationship ever. Making fun of each other’s ex-boyfriends. Being helpless towards each other. And having a great adventure together. The legend of Korra is memorable as well as their relationship. But it certainly made it even better.


Ushio and Sumika-Whispered Wordsanime gay kiss

Based on the Yuri cartoon series of the same name. Shows a connection to the typical themes found in teenage romance. Except that the romance is between two openly lesbian high school students.

Sumika is a high school student in love with her best friend Ushio. But Ushio is so boisterous with the girl. She is dating that she can’t confess her feelings. Sumika is tall, strong, and outgoing. But Ushio seems shy and is only interested in pretty girls. Throughout the story of the two girls. There is also an interesting side story. That focuses on being a young gay lesbian student and in Japan.

Without risking ruining the entire animated series. I can confidently say that this is unusual for Yuri Media. The story is incredibly relevant. A growing closet girl can probably find some similarities. Between her life and the events of Whispers.

Akira & Fumi- Sweet Bleue Flowers(anime gay kiss)anime gay kiss



If you want something terribly sweet.  Sweet Blue Flowers might be the best choice.

In this Yuri series, Fumi Manjome. A lesbian high school student reunites with her late childhood friend Akira Okdaira. Fumi fell in love shortly after her reunion and during the tough times in high school.  The two became rocks with each other. This is another fairly relevant story.  Fumi ends up talking to her friend. She is supportive, but she clearly does not know how to act.

The blue flowers are heartwarming and cute like the anime. The dynamic between Akira and Fumi is incredibly relevant. Especially for those who fall into straight or closed friends during their teenage years.

It’s also quite a unique piece. But that’s mainly because some of the male characters in the show have their own stories. This is not common in the Yuri anime.

Utena and Anthy-Girl Revolution Utena

anime gay kiss

It’s not necessarily an orthodox relationship. But Girl Revolution Utena is definitely a series with some weird cult following.

A high school student named Utena attends the mysterious Otori Gakuen. Who offers a program of battles between students. To win the hands of Anthy Himemiya. Also known as “Bride of Roses”. The mystery is a good way to describe this academy. The reason why students have to do this is not really explained. The school’s student council also appears to be some sort. They look like a fancy luxury mafia group with a rose ring.  That turns out to be a member.

Utena appears and changes things. The girl receives the ring only from the prince. But Utena decides to become the prince instead. She is dressed as a typical boy and is dedicated to protecting people from harm. Anthy is currently in an abusive slave-type relationship with her current fiancé, Saizonoji. But Utena soon beats him in a battle and “buys” Anthy.

The relationship between the two girls is a mystery. But there are overtones in Sappo’s poetry that are pretty hard to ignore.

Shinji and Kaworu-Neon Genesis Evangelionanime gay kiss

This legendary mecha anime is awesome for many reasons. This series is a critique of the mecha genre. Dealing deeply with psychology and critiquing.  What will happen to future politics in Japan?

Nagisa Kaworu was introduced. When Asuka was unable to continue with Eva’s pilot advice due to nervous weakness. He replaces her and soon begins a friendship with Shinji. Nagisa Kaworu’s screen time is minimal on the show. But her presence was important.

There is considerable debate about their relationship. Kaworu’s sexuality is quite vague but interesting. Shinji doesn’t seem quite sure about his gender identity.  Kaworu gives Shinji his timeless love. But it’s unclear if that’s a tactic to disarm Shinji. Shinji is an innocent and injured young man. But Kaworu isn’t even a real person (note the spoilers). Their relationship is an interesting one. To say the least, and many who have been involved in the production. The New Century Evangelion agrees that the two look like a gay couple.


Touya and Yukito – Cardcaptor Sakura

anime gay kiss

CLAMP is a cartoon post of really cool all-female artists. Who aren’t always afraid to draw same-sex couples or LGBT characters. Notable couples are Card Captor Sakura Momoya and Yuki Rabbit, a Kanon couple. Card Captor Sakura follows the story of a girl named Sakura. Who accidentally unleashes a set of magic cards. That must be collected to prevent an apocalyptic future. Finally. Yuki Usagi is a friend of the Magic Girl.

Yuki Usagi tells Sakura that she has fallen in love with Momoya several times. There are several scenes in the anime.  This reveals that Yuki Usagi and Momoya are in a romantic relationship. At least honest about each other’s feelings. When Sakura loses power and cannot support it. Touya even gives up all of her magic to save the life of the Snow Bunny.

Tomoyo, another weird character from the card kidnapper. Sakura was also clear about his huge crush on Sakura.


Shion and Nezumi – No  6


# 6 is set in the probably perfect city of Utopia of the same name. After a fierce world war that destroyed much of the earth. Zion is a wealthy young man. His life is turned upside down. When he meets a stranger in the city of a mouse. He knows the mouse is self-defence. ut still protects him from harm.

Zion and the Rat relationship was subtle, destructive. But the important moment in the anime in terms of how gay romance was portrayed. Especially in the sci-fi genre. The two weren’t used either an exaggeration or as tracking devices. But their relationship was rather central to the character and highly relevant. Their relationship wasn’t clear. But it created a lot of hatred among the Anime. Funds who weren’t happy with the gay overtones. That was pouring into the less childish SF series. These two controversies that arose during the release of No. 6 deserve to be highlighted. But no. The Legacy of Six should be compelling storytelling. It has surreal concepts, and loving gay relationships. And not the number of offended gay haters.


Shion and Yayoi – Psycho Pasanime gay kiss


These two characters are incredibly entertaining separately. As a couple, they are even better. You might have missed that important, short scene that makes their relationship. And the nature of their subsequent gender identity pretty clear. Later, there’s a highly visible scene. Where the two are relaxing naked in bed together, mirroring recent events.

These two make a better couple because of who they stand for, not the actual relationship. Zion is a complete villain. And also a literal genius for PSB. Enforcer Yayoi is a stoic and talented robotic engineering specialist. They are both women, breaking the stereotype that “male” and “female” must exist.  Even in lesbian relationships. Both are well-rounded characters in their own right. Their focus is on their abilities. The show focused little on their relationship and there was no ridiculous reaction. When Akame surprised them after the fact. It is described as a normal relationship with a normal relationship.

Shuichi and Yoshino-Wandering Son(anime gay kiss)


This anime drama was very cool to watch. When released in 2011. It was one of the few animated series to openly portray. A transgender boy intimately and honestly.

In Wandering Son. We’ll honestly take a look at what the life of a high school student in trance is like. There are scenes where Yoshino is bullied in school. And also there are scenes where he suffers from adolescence alongside the attempted transition. There are also refreshing and crisp scenes. Where you buy a real safe chest binder instead of wrapping a dangerous bandage around you.


Yoshino Identification

Most of the series focuses on Yoshino. But her friend Shuichi identifies her as a transgender girl. Throughout most of the series. They both also express that they are suffering from physical discomfort. Towards the end of the series. Shuichi openly professes his sexual attraction to Yoshino. But it’s unclear. Where their relationship is going or what their actual gender identity is. Overall, this series faithfully portrays the weirdness of adolescence. And that weirdness can be very dark for transgender children.

Mireille and Kirika-Noir(anime gay kiss)


They’re another couple that isn’t quite standard. But there are a lot of pretty obvious non-linear moments in Mireille and Kirika’s relationship.

In Noir, two young assassins embark on a journey to uncover their mysterious past. And also their lost memories. They know they have relationships with each other.  But in the end, it turns out that secret.  Societies created and controlled them for terrorist purposes.


Character’s Relationship(anime gay kiss)

It can be argued that each character’s wonderful character development. And the unwavering friendship. They form afterwards is nothing more than a passionate platonic relationship. However, many scenes transcend Platonic friendship.

These two bad women made this list. Because their relationship was one of the healthiest around. Despite being extremely deadly assassins. They leaned against each other, protected each other in their mission. And also had unwavering trust in each other.

George and Yukari-Paradise skiss

Paradise kiss is a wonderfully original animated series. Because it is bout a loyal and responsible young woman named Yukari. She begins to wonder where she is going in her life. And also meets a group of fashion students. They have created their own brand of clothing called “Paradise Kiss”. She joins them, begins to form her identity. She works on her passion and lives all the trials. And also trials that we all go through at the end of high school.

The connection’s gender identity is never mentioned. But she is embroiled in a whirlwind romance with an openly bisexual student named George. George is a man of luxury who considers Yukari as his muse and his lover. Yukari tries to figure out his adult identity. Which is quite encouraging.

It should also be noted that ParaKiss’ mother in a group of fashion designers. She is an elegant Isabella Yamamoto. A transgender woman as classy as she is inspiring.


Ryouma and Izumi-Love scene(anime gay kiss)

The relationship between the two begins with something quite unstable and problematic. But what kind of relationship does not have this moment?

On the love scene, Ryoma and  also Izumi meet as children on a happy marriage advertising set. Because Ryoma believes Izumi in a dress is a girl and relentlessly falls in love. He has been trying to reconnect with his “dream girl” for nearly a decade. And also reunites with his “daughter” in a set of commercial suites. He professes his love for Izumi. Who would actually be a boy? All this internalized homosexual hatred really reached Ryoma.   He not only screamed at the fountain. And he accused him of “lying.” But later to turn it off completely. I persuaded him to undress.

This obviously doesn’t work. Ryoma will apologize to Izumi. And also admit that he still loves her anyway. They deepen their friendship over time and their heartfelt confession is truly sweet.

Zoisite and Kunzite- Sailor Moon

You think Sailor Moon’s LGBT characters are just Sailor Uranus and also Sailor Neptune. Think again! Because these two powerful generals work under Queen Beryl. The Dark Realm was openly involved with each other. The English dub seems to be Sailor Moon’s worst enemy. Because Zoisite’s sex was changed to female. In some dubbing, they are simply described as similar. It’s disappointing as always. But mostly. Because Naoko Takeuchi had to include them in various side stories to keep their fans happy. So this pair was very popular in the original cartoon.

From appearance to ability, the two made a perfect pair. Sailor Moon Crystal, like Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus, seems to stay true to gay romance. Because of sex discrimination!

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