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Anime Couple Kiss | 10 Animes With Couple Kisses

Introduction(Anime Couple Kiss )

This page is about an anime couple’s kiss, this page contains much information about anime couple kiss. after reading this page you will be able to about anime couple kiss.



Many kisses, the 10 best romantic Anime Couple Kiss

Do you remember how your first kiss felt? Or, if you still feel like kissing, what would you think of that? For some, it was messy and weird. For others, it has been or will be a kiss for life. But self-experience is great and growing up is a big part of it. It can be the beginning of a beautiful relationship. That’s why Anime Couple Kiss on the anime is so incredible. They make you think of the sparks that carry you around your shredder or partner. As soon as the characters kiss, they calm you down with joy and happiness.

Downloadable kisses are like any other. It is not like the ones we see in normal movies and on television. They are more dramatic. They take the gesture of love to a whole new level. Characters often feel happy, embarrassed, or a combination of both. It is similar to what many of us can feel.

Hollywood Romance(Anime Couple Kiss )

A Hollywood romance already introduces a new dimension to an amazing story. And best of all, it’s something we can all relate to. We have all been to school and are fighting tests, friends, and sports. And then on top of that, we have feelings for a classmate, which can lead to some crazy situations. It seems like no one knows what you’re feeling, but then you light up the story of a great life series or school club and feel like you’re joining friends. Even if it is something fantastic that focuses on the supernatural, and Anime Couple Kiss is something that we all know in our “real world”.

So what should you look for if you want to feel the spark? We have selected ten maximum lip lock mobile phones, so you can find out.

1. Monument to the Sakura Trick Making School(Anime Couple Kiss )

Sakura Trick is an easy-going Hollywood and you love each character in their own way. Love is there when you get into this cell phone. It is set in a high school environment that we all know. The way the two main characters Haruka Takiyama and Yoo Sonoda are best friends is easy to understand and appreciate.

The hustle and bustle of high school life and the new friends that come with her envy Haruka Yu. They want to strengthen their friendship by doing something they never did with their other friends from school by kissing in an empty classroom. What started as a way to strengthen their friendship that turns into a relationship change. Big sister in the mix and you have a fantasy you don’t want to miss.

2. Campione! Divine romance(Anime Couple Kiss )

There’s nothing quite like a Camponi Sakura truck, especially with setup. But you will definitely love the character, especially Erica. She will not take anyone for an answer.


So, imagine you are a God killer. Imagine that you have been tasked with expelling the gods who try to enter your field. Now imagine that you got this job as a result of defeating the God of War. Very serious responsibilities, right? not always. You may end up with more than just bargaining. The same goes for Campeon, a 12-episode series about Kosangi Gudu, whose slightly demonic prayers as Demi Deity come to the fore.

In addition to the romance between these characters, you will also enjoy the fantasy action that this series brings. In all cases, they have taken advantage of it, despite obstacles we can barely imagine. ”She fully affirms her love for Kusanagi and creates strange moments at times.

3. White Album 2-Making Love Music(Anime Couple Kiss )


Like Camponi, this series was previously published in the previous format. Campion was a light novel. White Album 2 was a visual novel. The characters are interesting and talented, and they will continue to prepare you for episode after episode.

In this 13th episode, you will meet for the first time Harki Katara, a musician whose school club is coming to an end. He is in his third year of school and wants to perform at a school festival. But with the end of his club, that doesn’t seem like an option. But a girl named Setsuna Ogiso appears and she will change everything.

In addition to listening to great music, you have a love triangle to compete with and complex relationships to discover. Expect a dynamic and emotional clash with relevant characters and an interesting plot.

4. I love citrus under one roof(Anime Couple Kiss)

Citrus is an anime that makes viewers look like a beautiful anime Couple Kiss and its own story. What if your first kiss was the first day at your new school?

Citrus is a high school anime that is a modest coffee plot. The first girl we meet, Yuzo Ihara, is new to town. She goes to a new school after her mother’s recent marriage. She dresses the way she likes and stands out in her tough new girls’ school. The first day she meets May, who becomes very close to her, as is not the case with other girls. When they get home, Mei is there, as she is her own half-sister. The kiss literally happens later, and the series explodes like fireworks.

This series is just normal, and the relationship is definitely unconventional. But the beautiful, colourful animation and character development are worth it. We all face tangles in relationships, and this is how it relates.


5. kiss x sis  Controversial but funny(Anime Couple Kiss )


This Hollywood is a bit different from the other and still found in some way. Although most of these kiss anime focus on high school students who are behind others in their school, the series chooses controversy in its approach. Still, don’t worry! You will enjoy it like everyone else. The title is “Anime Couple Kiss ”.

Kata Domino is a third-year student who always lives with her stepsisters. As children, they always cooperated and played with each other. But as time passes and people change, the siblings begin to see themselves in a new light. Keita refused to accept Echo and Rico’s initiative and refused to see them as anything more than family members. His attempts to prevent her progress are often ridiculous, and they find fault with Kita in some insane circumstances.

The characters of Anime Couple Kiss sometimes feel a bit advanced. But this is a kiss anime designed entirely for those of you who want to seriously focus on love and lust, and are often mistaken for it. Feel the emotions

6. Skyt Li Na Yu. When good comes from bad(Anime Couple Kiss)

Many of the animations we talked about were pretty. Now let’s get a little serious, but it’s worth a look.

Easy to follow but interesting plot, and Skate Li Na Yu. That’s what will stop you. When Mei Tachi Bana was accused of killing a class pet that did not commit suicide, she walked away from other humans. This was true in high school, and when the famous and beautiful Yamato tried to get close, he resisted. But the problem here is that Mei has a sticker, so Yamato kisses it to get rid of it. This kiss causes Mei to create feelings for Yamato and start a relationship that blooms like a lotus.

This series of beautiful works of art and a sweet story will make you feel valued and feel good. Combine the dark weather with the Hollywood light and it’s time to look. It is worth your time in how it ends.

7. Amiga SS: holidays with a twist(Anime Couple Kiss)

When winter break rolls around, we all feel different. Some people feel lonely. Some people feel happy and the same. Others have bad memories associated with this time, like Junichi Tachi Bana. She was on a Christmas date two years ago, and that hurt. It’s a great series because it has a male lead, and in many of the series, we’ve covered the female lead.

If you need to feel good on vacation, check out this kiss anime. Junichi changed her luck because she didn’t meet one or two, but six girls at her school, all of whom are interested. Everyone is different and cute in their own way, and viewers will enjoy their favourite pick for Junichi. Haruka, an upper-class student who loves everything Koi, Sai Nakata, who is shy with children, Rihoku Sakurai, who loves sweets, Ai Nanasaki, swimming, a friend since childhood, Koro Tanamachi and Suzuka Ayasuji, who is sweet but has a dark side.

Junichi himself is a sweet and gentle protagonist, although he can be a bit strange at times. It is often used as comic relief. The story is great, but character development is a bit slow so keep that in mind. However, you will like the song that opens with music, “I love”, you will definitely enjoy it.

8. strike the blood-the unexpected gem(Anime Couple Kiss

Hit the blood your friend is talking about and you politely stop him. You want romance, not action. But these are both. the process? Yes. Girls? Yes. A high school student whose life has been radically changed? Check

Combination of high octane fighting anime

If you need a combination of high octane fighting and supernatural abilities, and you like harem anime, this is for you. You will get everything you want through this series.

Kojo Akatsuki is a typical high school student who attends classes in the Demon District of the island of Ethiopia when he is faced with a predecessor who takes a higher price than he bargains for. ۔ A very powerful vampire, we may add.

His power is so great that an organization sends him a monitor named Yukina Hamragi, assigned to assassinate him if he becomes too powerful. The move doesn’t force the two characters to bond, but it adds to the story.

Mobile phones are unique and some people may view history as a threat. The combination of action and romance is somewhat delicate, and the icing on the cake is that it looks visual. Do not let him go


9. Yamada Kon and the 7 Witchcraft – Special After-School Activities

Fans of a series from around the world have come here, and you will too. It started as a manga in Kodansha’s weekly Shannon Magazine and is now a 12-episode series.

You regularly find good things that come with high school kiss anime and then struggle with certain grades, accidentally kissing down the stairs and being able to switch bodies through kisses. It is, as a result, the protagonists join the Supernatural Club of the Rio and Aurora schools, where seven girls show their powers through kissing.

Fans especially like the humour here, but the initial design and self-animation are really what sets this mobile phone apart.

10. Renai Bokon’s kisses are fun(Anime Couple Kiss)


Love is serious. But this is often really ridiculous. We put it at the top because it refers to a popular series that it may have called Death Note. Do we get your attention? OK great. Because you will not only enjoy the romance, but you will want to laugh after the last nine that you are covering us.

As the story goes, Gauri is a supernatural girl who falls in love with Sage Aino. Aino is the guy who kisses a lot of girls (by accident) and wants to make a date with the beautiful Akana Hayama … but then he realizes that he is quite Yadier. Add in a few more comic characters, tricks, and an exaggerated feature in anime or romantic traps, and have a comedy with all the kisses and laughs you’ve ever wanted.

No, you won’t be overwhelmed by a deep, well-constructed plot. But the comic characters, the art style (we like the way Gori is portrayed), and the jokes you get will lead you to be a true fan of fantasy. It doesn’t look like any other, but it’s worth it. Make sure to breathe between laughs!

List here!

(Anime Couple Kiss)

Hopefully, this list gives you some options on what to look for when choosing your next mobile phone. The series provided here offers something for everyone. It’s hard to find a more bizarre form of romance and kissing pleasure, but you can find comfort in knowing that it happens on a mobile phone too. Whether you are looking for a fantasy or a piece of life, or just an excuse to laugh, you will find it.

Anime couple kiss characters

Love is one of the strangest and strongest emotions known to mankind. It has the power to change everything. It makes everything look good even in adverse situations and provides the necessary momentum to overcome it. Love is a common theme in all forms of entertainment media, including movies, TV shows, music, books, cartoons, and animation. So why not explore some of the best couples we’ve met in anime. Some of them are what you call cute anime couples. The list includes gay anime couples and lesbian anime couples.

14. Eureka and Renton Eureka Seven:

“Seven” is an interesting mecha anime. If you’re a fan of the genre, you’ve probably seen or know of anime. The male protagonist seven’ is Renton Sirstone who wants to live a boring life and venture with the famous mercenary group Gecko State. One day Mecca crashed into the garage. This is a girl named Eureka, a Mecca pilot. He helps her repair the robot, knows that she is a member of Moon Gwangju. After joining the group as a Eureka Renton co-pilot, the adventure begins. In the course of the series, we are seeing their relationship develop. Eureka has an ice-cold heart at first, but slowly her barrier melts. Renton, which is quite immature at first, has a strong attitude. He loves Eureka and is committed to protecting her.

13. Van and Elaine, the Seven Deadly Sins

One of the best fantasy adventure animations out there seven Deadly Sins’. The show’s characters can have quite a decent series of time. Anyone who likes concepts such as power levels will also love this anime Couple Kiss series. Seven Deadly Sins It was once belonging to the Knights Templar, but seems to have betrayed the king to rule the country by killing it. Paladins appear to beat them, but rumours of their survival continue. So, when the Paladin herself runs a coup to beat the king.

Princess Elizabeth must find her sins to reclaim her kingdom. Van, a member of sin, represents the sin of greed. He really loves Elaine and is looking for a way to bring her back from death. Their relationship starts with the wrong leg at first, but later approaches Van Elaine and progresses as she helps save the fairy kingdom from the demons. If Elaine dies in the process, he forgives half to drink the fountain of youth and immortalizes him.

12. Sawako and Shota, I hope to reach you

“Reaching to you” is a fun little romantic animation. The concept is not new, but it feels very fresh. Praise to the creator who made the boring and charismatic protagonist very fun. Sawako Kuronuma is a wonderful woman, but her colleague is Sawako is nicknamed Sadako because she resembles a ghost girl in the horror movie “The Ring.” But all Sawako wants is to make friends and enjoy her school life. Shota Kazehaya is the most popular guy in class, shota. Sawako is attracting attention. When Shota approaches and conversations begin, there seems to be an opportunity for hope to come true. I’m working hard, but when I finally confess, everyone is happy and the viewers feel the same.

11. Kyowa Thor, Fruit Basket

(Anime Couple Kiss)

Fruit Basket‘ is another kind of romantic comedy. Toru is the heroine of the series. Her parents die in an accident, and as a result, she has to move with her grandfather. However, since his house is opening, she cannot live there. She didn’t want to burden her friends or be criticized by her family, so she started living in a forest tent. But one day she found the tent buried in a landslide.

She doesn’t know what to do, but her school’s most famous man, Yuki 草摩, and his cousin help to ask her to stay at the home of her own family. But soon Toru learns that his family is suffering from a curse. When someone in the family receives a hug from the opposite sex, they temporarily transform into kanji animals. Kyo is a member of the family. It is a cat to be hugged by a woman. He is quite hikikomori, sensitive. But he loves to iron. Toru experiences a variety of emotions while at Soma’s house, and Kyoto has interesting chemistry.

10. Inuyasha and Kagome, Inuyasha

Inuyasha and Kagome are a wonderful couple. The complexity of their relationship makes it a lot more fun and interesting to watch couples. “Inuyasha” is a decent fantasy adventure animation. The heroine of the series, Kagome Higurashi, has an important jewel in her, a bead of the warrior. This is why the devil attacks her and draws her into the cursed well of the family gentleman. However, Kagome was filmed 500 years ago instead of falling to the floor. Japan is now in a violent era, the Warring States period. During the battle with the devil.

Jewels are scattered in her for damage. After that, Kagome, with the help of Inuyasha, finds all the shards of jewels in a hybrid between dogs, demons, and humans before they fall into the hands of the wicked. Inuyasha broke out thanks to the bellflower of her first love. He doesn’t trust anyone and attacks people from time to time. Kagome develops a feeling and heart similar to bellflower. However, if you remember bellflower, every time you question your actions. This relationship has a kind of mature feeling.

9. Naruto and Hinata, Naruto / Naruto Shippuden

I hoped that Yangji’s character’s favourite series explored her in detail. The animation is so long that the wish will not come true. Given that she is important later in the series, you’ll want to do some further research on her. But we can get a lot of glimpse into her being knocked down (text) straight for Naruto from the start.

For him, her love is the main factor for her to improve as a person and become a better ninja. She’s working hard to keep up with Naruto and protect him when he’s in trouble. Being a naruto knucklehead doesn’t get to know her mind for as long as possible. He is doing his best to impress the love cherry. But in the second half of the series (at the end) you can see he admits her heart and perfection! Will you guess who’s getting married before you even know?

8.Mikasa and Eren, Shingeki no Kyojin

“Attack on Titan” or “Attack on Titan” is one of the best action animations set in the dystopian past. Human hopes are diminishing day by day, and humanity is on the verge of extinction by a giant humanoid giant called Titan. They consume even humans. As the last groove to keep their bodies, people thought of 3D steering gears that could expand their range of motion, allowing them to fight the Titans in a better way and cut their weakness: the nape of their neck.

After witnessing the death of her mother at the hands of the Titans, Ellen Yeager vows to join the army and eradicate the Titans. Mikasa is Ellen’s adopted sister. She loves him so much and does whatever it takes to keep him. This is the main motive for her participation in the military. Mikasa feels different from Ellen and loves her more than her brother, but her personality does not allow her to confess her feelings. There are a lot of passionate moments between the couple, and since each doesn’t clearly show their feelings, it will be a lot more fun.

7.Misaki and Takumi Usui, Kaichou wa Maid-Sama

Any animation fan who likes love comedy can enjoy “Chairman, Maid Sama!” It is a fun anime series that provides enough entertainment to the viewers. Misaki Tsinghua High School’s first female student council president. The school has been coeducational in recent years after it has been a long time. Misaki is confident in kendo and uses that technique to protect the girl from disciplining the wrong boy in school. His rigour gives her the nickname Daemon President.

However, when people learn her secret, her perfect image may not be in that state. She works as a maid in a cafe to support her struggling family. So, when the thin artisan enters her cafe and her secret, she has to do anything to preserve her dignity. However, this means that the craftsman is in control of her. Is he destroying her with it, or is he trying to get close to the devil’s boss? The couple continues to have a good match for their viewers to invest in the series. It’s fun to see Misaki overcome the changes in the series.

6.Takeo and Yamato, Ore Monogatari!!

Next are Takeo and Yamato, one of the cutest couples in the anime. “My Story!!” is a very entertaining and entertaining animation for those who love comedy. If you like cute relationship stuff, this animation is just you. The anime’s main character, Takeo 剛田. His Muscular and physical dexterity makes him the most masculine man ever, but he doesn’t have what you call a general handsome.

So women often tend to get away from him. His best friend is a really handsome Suna 誠で Takeo unrequited love Everyone who is doing it will fall to Makoto instead, so when asked for a salvation contact for a woman named Yamato, Takeo thought he liked Makoto, and both played Cupid, but is he looking for a surprise? There are, but we love each other deeply and do our best to keep each other happy.

5.Risa and Otani, Lovely★Complex

We are only in the realm of differences in appearance, and we will meet Risa Koizumi and Atsushi Otani in the future. I’m not a fan of the romantic comedy genre, but some of the above animes in this genre are some of the best anime I’ve ever seen. “Love ★ Complex” is an animation that you should watch while relaxing with the sincere things you usually see. This animation is really fun and fun.

Risa Koizumi is the largest in the class and taller than the average girl, and Atsushi Otani is short and average. Shorter than men, they are friends who encourage each other to find love when their unrequited love falls in love with each other, their friendship gets even deeper in the course of the series as viewers give them their pleasant chemotherapy. Although greatly different, they soon find similarities to their tastes, and that slowly turns the couple.

4. Winry and Edward Full Metal Alchemist

「Fullmetal Alchemist」 is one of the best action and science fiction animations. If you don’t see it yet, you’re missing out on more. This is one of the shows that will help you understand what made you like anime. Shaw develops around alchemy, which is a technique that can understand matter and disassemble and reconstruct it. But there is a law of equal exchange, which is said to lose something of the same value to get something. Edward and Alphonse are very sad after losing their mother.

And they think they want to use the forbidden human metamorphosis to revive their mother from death. Things don’t go as planned, Edward loses his right arm and left foot, and Alphonse loses himself. Currently, the brothers are looking for a stone of the mythical sages to prevent the law of equal exchange and regain the body. Winry is an auto-mail mechanic who heals Edward’s limbs. She is worried about her brothers and is plagued by the fact that they don’t say too much of their own again. Winry loves Edward, but it takes a long time for Edward to realize it. Winry is always supporting Edward, but they can’t always stop fighting.


3. Megumi and Shinichi, Nodame Cantabile

‘Nodame Cantabile’ is a friendly animation about passion. Shows are more than just a romantic comedy full of music. The animation shows the meaning of having an eternal love for a certain passion, how hard it takes to survive it, and the meaning of being immersed in falling in love. In addition to the joyful imagination aspect, animation also hits viewers in difficult realities. Chiaki Shinichi is one of the best violinists in Japan and is known for being a perfectionist. He wants to go to Europe and play with some of the best musicians, but aeroplane fright puts him in Japan. Noda Megumi is a great pianist and Shinichi is awe-inspiring for her abilities, but Shinichi is emphasized by the fact that Megumi is her neighbour and that she loves him. It’s interesting to see couples approaching in a series of processes before reality hits them a lot.


2. Rihito and Hikaru, Doukyuusei

It is difficult to properly understand the boy love animation. But trust me when I say classmate’ is one of the best boy love animated films out there. It’s really fun, and it doesn’t include the “until death” analogy. It is a movie about self-discovery and first love. 佐城 Lee Shin is a straight-A student. He is very knowledgeable in his studies and is getting a perfect score on his high school entrance exam.

He plays the guitar as a member of the Kusakabe Light Band. Naturally, he is popular among women. This absurd duo Hikaru Lihi meets when offering his help in preparation for the next festival choir. Soon, they start spending time together and become intimate, but they find out that they are becoming more than friends. Hikaru has a straight and bold heart, and Ri Hito is ashamed, but soon the latter also opens up. It is very interesting to see the depths of their relationship and mature couples grow.


1.Kaori and Kousei, Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

Did you know this was coming? Why won’t the couple’s list mention stingrays and light stars? “April is your lie” The impression that the viewers are impressed with is enormous. The animation is a teaser car, and the main reason for this is the beautiful and almost perfect feature of Kaori Miyaen and Kawaii Arima. Both of them struggled in the past and lived a life free from each other’s shell. They are helping each other to enjoy. The music they make makes them more accessible and makes them fun. It’s hard to think of a show while writing this, and it still tears me in my eyes right now.

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