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Anime Cheek Kiss

anime cheek kiss


This post is about anime cheek kiss and contains 24 types of kisses and anime cheek kiss. After reading this post you will know about anime cheek kiss.

kiss on cheeks

Kissing the cheek is a common greeting etiquette in many cultures, especially in Europe and Latin America. However, each country has its own method. For example, people in Mexico and Colombia believe that a kiss is enough.

What is the teak kiss?

Kiss Your Cheeks: Convey love, support, and conspiracy, regardless of physical appeal. Kiss your lips: it means passion and can mean “I love you.”  If you barely touch your lips and it runs really fast, it may just mean friendship.

Kissing cheeks as a sign of affection

It is a kiss that conveys affection. When a man kisses you on the cheek, it means he loves and respects you. Instead of jumping into your mouth, he gently kisses your cheek. Cheek kisses are usually the kisses that friends and relatives use on their children.

 Mean to kiss your cheeks

anime cheek kiss

Kissing cheeks can mean support Your loved one may go through difficult times and kiss you on the cheek to show your love and support.  That is, a kiss on the cheek complemented by the hug shows that you will stand with your loved one until the end.

Cheek kiss Guide

anime cheek kiss

How to kiss cheeks 
The kiss on the cheek dilemma is something that you are likely to come across at some point in your life. This is especially true when travelling or spending time abroad. Determining whether to shake your hand, a hug, or kiss your cheeks can be difficult, but you need to be careful when kissing your cheeks. how much? Which side do you start on?

To be honest, it’s hard to anticipate what others will do, but having a little know-how in your cultural arsenal can be a big help. Here are some tips to get the right kiss on your cheeks.

1. Prepare

Anime Cheek Kiss

anime cheek kiss


If you’re in a group where everyone greets each other, it’s easier to go out, be aware of what others are doing, and copy it. For one-on-one meetings, you have to be a little careful. First of all: prepare yourself. A handshake may be preferable if the setup is very professional. In most other scenarios, a kiss on the cheek is sufficient.

2. Adjust

After kissing your cheek, adjust it correctly. Move closer to the person you are meeting and gently place your hand on the top of your arm. The keyword here is “sweet”. No one wants to ambush or attack with outstretched arms. Then lean forward with your cheeks facing the other person.

Let’s stop here for a moment. Most people lead on the right cheek and lean to the left, but in Italy, it is customary to lead on the left cheek and lean to the right. It’s not as complicated as you might think – promise! Therefore, stay to the left unless you are travelling to Italy at the weekend.

3. Know the number of kisses

It is a place that needs a little attention. In most parts of Spain, Italy and France, it is customary to kiss twice, but some places prefer to kiss once, twice three times, or even four times. In most cases, it is safer to choose the classic medium. Give a quick kiss on each cheek (see this helpful article for a detailed breakdown by region).

Be careful not to really kiss your cheeks. Instead, gently touch your cheeks and kiss the air. Few people insist on kissing other people in the square of their cheeks and pushing the air miles away from their face, but luckily they have few such experiences.

4. Redo everything

anime cheek kiss


When you have mastered Hello, you can easily say goodbye. All you have to do is recreate what you did when you greeted each other and are ready to go. The secret to teak kisses is to be calm, quick, and not to overthink. With a cultural background in mind, you can quickly and confidently kiss each other on the cheek just by doing what happens naturally.


24 different kisses that will make you lock your lips better and your girlfriend will love you more!


Kissing is the best way for couples to express their love for each other. There are over 20 types of kissing, but couples who are crazy about one or two types of kissing won’t try it. Kissing is an important activity for couples and they need to engage more often to keep the spark in the relationship alive.

Studies show that couples need to kiss regularly to express their feelings and maintain intimacy in their relationships. We don’t know the emotional part because you have to help yourself, but we can help you nail the kiss part.

1. French kiss

This is the most common type of kiss for couples. This kiss takes some practice and depends on the chemical nature of the couple. The mouth is slightly open and the tongues roll and move with each other. Be careful when trying, because it only spits out saliva!

2. Kiss on one lip

Single lip kisses are the most sought after couple kissing because they give a pleasant feeling. A single lip kiss is where the mouth of one party only approaches the upper or lower lip of the other party. It works on both lips, but the background is more fun!

3. Lip Gloss kiss

The kiss that boys secretly want is a kiss that leaves traces of lipstick on their faces. In this, the girl slips her lips, rubs the man’s lips and transfers the colour. So men love the fruity taste of colour lip gloss!

4. Eskimo kiss

Eskimo kiss It’s more than a style of a greeting than a kiss. In Eskimo culture, when they meet, they approach each other and rub their noses in greeting. It gives a great romantic feeling when you do it. Try!

5. Lick kiss

You know what kiss you need to do when you want to taste your partner! It’s a clear kiss message and can be fun or serious in your passion!

6. Buzzing kiss

A lively kiss is sometimes joyous and can make her laugh when she feels playful. All you have to do is gently place your lips on your lover’s ear or neck just behind your belly. Move your neck up and down over the bones of your face and lips. If done correctly it will be exciting and erotic and will surely put a smile on your face!

Anime Cheek Kiss

7. Spider-Man’s Kiss

anime cheek kiss

This type of kiss became famous in the Spider-Man movie when Peter Parker was kissed after saving Mary Jane. But when a man lays his head on a pillow and lies down on the couch and a girl kisses on the other side, he can’t turn her over, so he can’t do that kiss. Relive the moment of Spider-Man!

8. Butterfly kiss

For clarity, the name has nothing to do with bringing the butterfly in while you kiss. It’s a big, serious kiss that the two faces are so close that the eyebrows are touching and look like a butterfly.

9. Breath Kiss

Breath kisses are one of the most romantic types of kisses. You should now follow your partner’s breathing pattern while kissing. Inhale deeply while locking your partner’s lips, and exhale slowly as the others breathe in. The reverse is also true. With good practice, it’s very sensual.

10. Love bite or hickey

Hicky or what is commonly called a love bite is a great way to show your love to your partner. It’s not really a kiss, it’s more of a sucking action that leaves a mark, but it’s very romantic.

11. Jawline kiss

If you kiss the underside of your face against your neck, she’ll love it. It can be given as the first part of an atrium kiss or before moving from the neck to the shoulders or chest.

12. kisses the neck

The kiss planted on the neck is very intimate and very romantic. When you plant a kiss on your partner’s neck, he remembers it for a long time because everyone loves him. So if you wake him up, it’s very romantic.

13. Vampire Kiss

Vampire kiss
Fans of vampire movies such as Twilight and Vampire Dailies will love this kiss. This kind of kiss is very brutal, because it deep in the neck, sucking and biting that part. The kisser’s head is usually held back or to the side to expose the neck.

14. Lean in a kiss

It might not seem very intimate, but you can kiss your working partner just to show your love. It may not feel intimate as only the lips are nearby, but the intention is clear.

15. Prolonged kiss

anime cheek kiss

You feel like this kind of kiss should never end. He’s just full of lip-to-lip locks and has a lot of passion and raw emotions. You just don’t want to stop it.

16. Body kiss

Anime Cheek Kiss

anime cheek kiss

This type of kiss is usually done when the couple has complete privacy. They show their love by gently kissing their partner’s body and whenever they feel comfortable in their mind and body.


17. Kiss of the ear

anime cheek kiss

Girls love it when boyfriends kiss their ears. This is one of the most romantic types of kissing, with a gentle up and also down pull near the ear canal. You can also use your language to be passionate and passionate.

18. Kiss on the forehead

anime cheek kiss

This kind of kiss signifies love from one person to another. This kiss is also a simple demonstration of love. Holding your head and also makes you sensual. Girls love to receive this kind of kiss.

19. Secret massage kiss

anime cheek kiss

You can offer your partner a romantic massage. During this time, you can not only touch your back to gesture but also speak softly with your ears and kiss your body and lips. Sweet romantic music can perfect this moment.

No one else knows the best way to send intimate messages or secrets. Twist or touch your partner’s tongue to spell a message, or whisper candy during a French kiss.

20. Angel Kiss

This type of kiss works best when your girl is a little sad or when you need to make up for mistakes that have ruined her mood. She needs a little motivation from you when she’s down, and you can give it to her. How? ‘Or’ What? Comfort her and gently kiss his eyes. It shows your love to her and she will be up soon.

21. Kiss on the cheek

anime cheek kiss

Kissing her cheeks is one of the best experiences because being able to kiss her cheeks even in public places is the most attractive thing. Sympathetic, respectable, and lovable, but don’t keep kissing your friends’ cheeks just because no one cares!

22. Wet kiss

anime cheek kiss

This kind of kiss is an open mouth kiss. In this kind of kiss, the tongue speaks more than the lips. An open-mouth kiss with or without a tongue. Don’t let saliva flow out of your mouth!

23. Lizard kiss

anime cheek kiss

Don’t worry, no one is asking you to kiss the lizard! In this kiss, the movement of the tongue resembles that of a lizard. The tongue quickly pierces the inside and outside of the partner’s mouth.

24. Blow Kiss

anime cheek kiss

Blow kiss has always been a girl’s secret weapon for seducing and attracting boys. This kiss does not touch and makes a “muua muua” sound.


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