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Akame ga Kill

Introduction(Akame ga Kill)

This post is about Akame ga Kill. It contains its powerful characters and plot of Akame ga Kill. After reading this post you will know about Akame ga Kill

Akame ga kill plot

The story centers on Tatsumi, a young villager who travels to the capital to raise money for his house just to find out about the heavy corruption in the area. A group of assassins, known as the Night Raids, recruit young men to aid them in the fight against the corrupt empire.


Akame ga Kill! Is an anime following a group of assassins trying to defeat their corrupt government. Because these assassins band together as the Night Raid? Each member of the Night Raid plays a pretty big role in how it works, and all of them have a powerful weapon, the TIG, or Imperial Arm, which belongs only to those who use it. Together, the members of the Night Raid make a very effective team.

However, while this is a force to consider when a group is working together, its members still have individual skills, some of which are much more powerful than others.



Placing the Najenda on the power scale is difficult. Because she’s not necessarily the greatest member of the Night Raid when it comes to physical combat, but she’s the leader of the group. Acting as the mastermind behind Night Raid operations is no easy task. Nagenda is powerful at developing strategies and leveraging her influence over others.

But even with her incredible sense of strategy, Nagenda has to help other party members step in and participate in combat, making her the least powerful in terms of strength.


Schiele was one of the first members of the Night Raid to die in both manga and anime, so fans can’t see much of his behavior. However, there is a scene or two that shows her strength. You will certainly have a hard time defeating her using TIG, a giant chisel that seems safe to use as a weapon.

However, other than using scissors, Schiele doesn’t seem to have any particular affinity for combat. Sure, she’s quick and strong, like everyone else in the Night Raid, but her physical combat skills fall far short of those of characters like Leone and Akame.



Like Nagenda, Chelsea is a difficult member to deploy given the Night Raid’s scale of power. Chelsea may be considered average in terms of fitness, but their imperial arm allows them to change shape. It is an awesome and useful force if at all.

Sadly, her transformation appears to be Chelsea’s only real ability, on which she is entirely dependent while on the series. Unsurprisingly, Chelsea couldn’t do much damage as they have little fighting skills to back up their actions.


Lubbock is another member of the Night Raid, and while his combat skills alone aren’t particularly noticeable, he has a pretty handy Imperial arm that he uses a number of times throughout the series. His empire, called “Infinite Use: Crossrail”, forms a series of metallic threads that can be used offensively and defensively in combat.

Lubbock’s Thread frees the group from a significant number of nips over the course of the series and helps them in a one-on-one battle. But without his TIG, we doubt the power of Lubbock.


My stuff might not look very good at first glance, but one of the most intense members of the Night Raid, the ability to wield TIG, a giant blaster called the Pumpkin, is impressive. The mine’s abilities shift from combat to combat, but it has proven itself capable of dealing with powerful enemies. We have seen Mine stand against other Empires, including Ezdes, but few can brag about it.

But even in all the battles that we see mine, we rarely see girls in melee, and also, as long as characters like Leone and Akame stand without pumpkins.


Akame ga Kill

When it comes to barbarian strength, Leone is one of the most powerful fighters in the Night Raid. Her imperial arm, the belt she wears, gives her increased speed, strength, and reflexes. Basically everything you could want on the battlefield. Leone’s Imperial arm also grants him the power to regenerate, and there really isn’t a more powerful ability.

Add Leone’s quick thinking and knack for deceived people (Tatsumi knows all about the latter), and she is a truly respected force. It’s strange that Leone didn’t survive the series on her own … but many characters have failed to succeed since.


Like Schiele and Chelsea, Brat is quick to prove his strength in a nighttime raid. But the man’s final battle is a very impressive achievement, and it’s impossible not to admit it.

Before moving his place in the group and his Tig to Tatsumi, Brat confronts and defeats some of the empire’s most talented warriors, and he is poisoned and struggles to do so and his Even the Last Moment has managed to demonstrate. his talent.

8.Susanoo(Akame ga Kill)

Most members of the Night Raid rely on the weapons of their empire to strengthen them or at least enhance the abilities they already have. Susanoo, on the other hand, is an Imperial Arms and at the same time one of the few TIGs that is organic.

And since it’s a living weapon. It’s probably no surprise that Susanoo ranks very high when played against other members of the Night Raid. Even Estes recognizes his strength after defeating him, and his honor is not to be taken lightly.

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9.Tatsumi(Akame ga Kill)

Akame ga Kill

Tatsumi is part of the most distant night raid in the series. Growing from a relatively innocent country boy to a tougher assassin. Which in itself leads to a significant improvement in his abilities. But even before Tatsumi started training in the Night Raid, he had an impressive talent for combat. He defeated a giant monster in the show’s first episode. Showing off-speed and strength before he even got to the Capitol.

And when Tatsumi starts training and inherits Brat’s empire, he becomes a truly talented warrior. He managed to defeat the Emperor and even save himself an innocent bystander from the Capitol. Unfortunately, he ultimately sacrificed his life.

10.Akame(Akame ga Kill)

The name of anime is from her name. It’s no surprise that Akame is the most talented member of Night Raid. After all, she’s the focus of the entire series. And one of the only living assassins to see the end of the empire.

The power of snooks, at least in part, can be attributed to his upbringing. Sold to the Empire and trained to be one of the Assassins, Red Eye possesses excellent combat abilities. It doesn’t have an Imperial Arm, which is basically a sword that can kill an enemy with a single attack. Plus, the snook sword makes it even faster and stronger when cutting itself with it. This is what she uses to her advantage to defeat Estes.

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